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what is crossfit?

CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.


What is crossfit at cfwn?

"Jack of all Trades. Master of None."

CrossFit is a program designed to challenge fitness in a variety of ways. This allows a person who participates in our Crossfit program to improve at all tasks, but never specialize in just one. Every class provides different programming to help members improve at gymnastics, body weight movements, aerobic capacity, and strength training all at the same time. Classes are one hour, led by a certified coach, and are subdivided into a Strength/Skill section and then a MetCon (conditioning) section. 

Before participation, all new members will be provided with four private personal training sessions with one of our coaches to help prepare them for classes. Everyone walks into class with a good working knowledge of the movements and how to scale as needed for their specific fitness level. 

Anyone can participate. No special skills required. All ages. All shapes. All sizes. 



What happens in HIIT?

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HIIT is a program for people who enjoy the conditioning experience of our CrossFit program without the skill/strength work associated with it. It is not an easy class. It is a class designed to challenge a person's stamina and jump start their metabolism. Calories will be burned. Heart rates will be elevated. Each class lead by one of our certified personal trainers, an hour long with 30-40 minutes of stamina work, and followed by 10-15 minutes of relaxing stretch. This class is great for stress relief, weight loss, and just improving a person's conditioning. Come sweat with us!


Come lift with us!

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Our Weightlifting program is designed for people who want to be strong. This class primarily uses barbell movements to develop someone's strength and skill in basic strength movement as well as the specialized lifts of the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch. This class will help you become stronger, quicker, more powerful, and more mobile. Each class runs one hour and is offered four times per week.

Neuroendocrine Training (NET)


Interested in classes, but want more personal attention or need a more flexible schedule? NET may be perfect for you. In a group of up to 3 or 4 people, you will be taken through a warm up, stretch, weight lifting component, and a cardio piece. This is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.